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5 Ways to Focus and Finish

Focusing on our most important work (so that we can get it out the door and create value) is hard. It’s harder still when work suddenly picks up, is unfamiliar, or arrives with immediate deadlines when we are already busy. … Continue reading

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How Many Options Do You Have?

The other day I was driving down Point Brown Road in Ocean Shores, Washington. Ocean Shores is a small town with almost no economic base. If you live there you are likely a retiree or work in one of the … Continue reading

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Q: What stops you from acting? A: You!

Most of us, in our heads, have a list of “If I had onlies”.  These are horrible little things that nag us. If I’d only painted those steps, if I’d only bought those shares when the company was at the … Continue reading

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Finding Our Own Value – Growing By Understanding

There are those days where your Personal Kanban is on fire. You are in a state of flow and tickets are just moving right along. The days go by and you look at your DONE column … it’s full. Really … Continue reading

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Prioritization: How to Prioritize when there is no Priority (Video One)

Prioritization is stressful. We find ourselves prematurely making value decisions about what to pull and when (right now!) In our Gold Call* this week, one of the attendees asked “How can I prioritize my work when there is no clear … Continue reading

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Do Meetings Go On my Personal Kanban?

What to do with meetings? They happen all the time, they take up time, they sure seem like work. But putting every meeting on a Personal Kanban would be onerous and annoying. (video about this is below) So the answer … Continue reading

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Get Work Done and Stay Healthy

I’ve been watching myself. Asking myself why do I do certain things? Why do I lose track of time? I’ve combined a few regimens that have calmed me down, increased my effectiveness, and made me feel healthier. I’ve created for … Continue reading

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What Was I Just Doing? Zeigarnik Forgetfulness

“What was I just doing?” “What was I just talking about?” How many times have you been happily working away on something, creating value, just a wonderful productive piece of a great masterful universe then … you are interrupted. A … Continue reading

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The Overhead of Overwork

In her post yesterday, Tonianne talked about Limiting Work-in-Progress to help achieve focus. We have to limit our WIP on purpose because we do not limit it naturally. We naturally assume too much work. We naturally overload ourselves. This means … Continue reading

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Personal Kanban Interview – Mixing the Personal and Professional with Meghana and Sameer Bendre

In this interview, Toni and I got to interview two long time Personal Kanban users, Meghana and Sameer Bendre from Atlanta, Georgia. They mixed home and professional use – using PK to manage recovery from surgery, calming nerves in the … Continue reading

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