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Sharing Your Story

Everywhere we look we’re discovering people around the world – from all ages and all walks of life –  are tailoring their Personal Kanbans to some very specific needs, and in some very unique ways. Are you one of those … Continue reading

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Managing Sandy’s Aftermath: Emergency Response Personal Kanban

Despite our best efforts, there are simply some instances where we cannot limit our work-in-progress. Forces beyond our control seem to conspire to control us. Natural disasters are unfortunately well-suited for this – they have little or no respect for … Continue reading

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Complexity Calming: Why Limit WIP Series, Post 4

In a wonderful meta moment today, I (Jim) was prepping for this post and listening to a talk on Library Futures by Jabe Bloom, the CTO of the Library Corporation. A large part of his talk dealt with complexity in … Continue reading

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Slack: Why Limit WIP Series, Post 3

Slack. The word conjures up images of slothfulness, of days spent lazying about in a seaside hammock beneath the fronds of a blowing palm tree. But relaxation is not necessarily sloth. Just because someone or something appears to not be … Continue reading

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Why Not a WIP of One?: Why Limit WIP Series, Post 2

With only two guiding principles – Visualize your work and Limit your WIP – much of Personal Kanban seems fairly straightforward. But it’s not as obvious as it seems, and there’s actually a lot going on under the hood. Tons, … Continue reading

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PK Basics: Why Limit Your WIP Series, Post 1

In Personal Kanban we have only two rules. One of them is to limit your WIP. That sounds simple enough. But what does limiting your WIP really imply? This series describes what we mean by “WIP,” why it’s important to … Continue reading

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You Cannot Yell at a Board with Stickies on It

It is now two weeks before your major deadline. For the last four weeks, you’ve barely slept a wink. You know your team is behind. They know they’re behind. But the deadline is firm. Your team promises you – nay, … Continue reading

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The Diffusion of Responsibility

When I was an urban planning student at Michigan State University, I was part of a team involved in a large group project. We were writing a downtown redevelopment plan for Albion, a small city in southern Michigan which, like … Continue reading

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There is No “We” in Bowling

…except for maybe Wii Bowling. “We have a team of 24 customer service professionals.” That was how it started, innocently enough. This “team” had heart, heroes, and a whole lotta backlog it needed to work through. So they established what would … Continue reading

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Lean Meetings 2: Semper Gumby!

Point of Order! I make a motion to rescind Roberts Rules of Order in their entirety and free us from the inflexible, outmoded, ungainly, and utterly dehumanizing parliamentary procedure! Conversations are contextual. They meander, move in unintended directions, and give … Continue reading

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