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Finishing Feels Good

Yes, finishing feels good. When we complete tasks, we feel better than when we have a pile of incompletes just lying around. Incompletion creeps up on us, overloads us, and crushes us. The more we fail to complete our work … Continue reading

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Killing Email Interruptions: Personal Kanban using LeanKit, Gmail, and Zapier

Quick intro from Jim Benson: We’ve asked Chris Hefley from Leankit to write a series of posts showing how to integrate tools many of us use everyday with our Personal Kanban. These are fairly technical posts, but also very powerful … Continue reading

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Kaizen Camp: Personal Kanban Conversations Happening Worldwide

The Kaizen Camp in Seattle was such a success that people around the world and sponsors have requested more and more. So, we’ve launched Kaizen Camp as its own entity. We now have them scheduled for New York, Los Angeles, … Continue reading

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Kaizen Camp: Seattle–What We Did at Camp

This year’s Seattle Kaizen Camp was awesome. I loved the range and diversity of the attendees, with people from health care, education, government, software development, and a host of other occupations. We had attendees from college students to C-Level management. … Continue reading

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Tool Review: KanbanFlow

About a month ago, I was going on about how you should periodically throw out your Personal Kanban and replace it with a new one. Doing so, I reasoned, would compel you to address the clutter in your Personal Kanban … Continue reading

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Pomodoro Daisuki–Session Based Personal Kanban and Pomodoro

Today I installed the Pomodoro Daisuki app in Chrome and thought I’d give a quick experience report. So far today, Tonianne and I have run our entire workday using Pomodoro Daisuki. Yes, it has the usual Pomodoro functionality, but some … Continue reading

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Personal Kanban Interview on Agile Scout

Agile Scout’s Peter Saddington interviews Jim Benson about Personal Kanban and the release of the book Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life. ASL005 – LIVE with Jim Benson Personal Kanban from Agile Scout on Vimeo. Want to learn more … Continue reading

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Announcing Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life

We are pleased to announce Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry’s new book Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life is available for purchase! And yes, there will be kindle, iBooks, and ePub versions out soon. To read more about the … Continue reading

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iKan Personal Kanban for iPhone

iKan is the first Personal Kanban iPhone application. Take your Personal Kanban on the road! Want to learn more about Personal Kanban?   Come to one of our regular free webinars or check out the official Personal Kanban online course at Modus … Continue reading

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Mapping Work | Navigating Life

This will describe the book Continue reading

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