This web site is brought to you by Jim Benson and Modus Cooperandi. It presents a global forum for personal kanban thought leadership. Since launching the personal kanban meme, we’ve been delighted at its rapid acceptance by individuals and small teams world-wide.

Currently, Modus Cooperandi is offering the following personal kanban services:


Monthly webinars on personal kanban and their applications.  See the Webinars page for schedules, topics and prices.

Consulting / Training / Team Launches

We offer direct training for corporate clients.  Teams learn to communicate better internally and with the rest of the organization using the visualization and clarity facilitated by personal kanban. Training includes the techniques of personal kanban, the integration of personal kanban for individuals and teams into work flows, value stream mapping, the metrics of kanban and the use of retrospectives to create cultures of continuous improvement.

Training should never occur out of context, so most training includes an examination of actual team work flows, management styles, communications channels, policies, and practices that impact productivity and value creation. During the course of the training, we help teams discover better ways of managing and communicating that will survive beyond the training session. Our training is never a talking head, it is highly relevant and participatory.

Consulting projects tend to focus on working with teams and individuals to identify clear and low-impact processes to quickly create value. See our recent project at the World Bank for an idea of the issues we might cover.

Supporting Documents

A series of information packages designed to discuss these issues with decision makers is on its way.


Reach us by e-mail or via phone at 206.383.6088.

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