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DONE COLUMN: Daily / Weekly Review

“When do I get tickets out of my DONE column?” People often allow their DONE column to get so full of work that it becomes useless – a huge pile of completed work. There are so many tickets in there, … Continue reading

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DONE COLUMN: How Does Your Work Make You Feel?

When we work, we spend our most precious resources: our time, our energy, and our emotion. Each task we complete takes a little bit of us and we’d like to think that time was not only productive, but impactful. But … Continue reading

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Personal Kanban: Integrating Evernote with LeanKit using Zapier

Continuing our series of Personal Kanban focused integrations for LeanKit, let’s take a look at integrating Evernote with LeanKit. Say you’re in Evernote, and you want to quickly add a card to your personal kanban board in LeanKit.  With this … Continue reading

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Doing GTD Kanban Style #1

This is the first post in a three-part guest series, Doing GTD Kanban Style by Pascal Venier. You can read the second post in the series here. When Jim Benson encouraged me a while back to write something about how … Continue reading

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A Game Board- Element #3 of the Kanban

Whether it’s Parcheesi or trading individual stocks, we thrive on games. There are three commonly cited elements for all games: a goal, suspense, and rewards. But most games rely on something even more basic. They have flow – a mixture … Continue reading

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Flow, Cadence, Slack, and Stress: Lean Muppets Post 7

Scooter Reduces Cycle Time to Rowlf’s Breaking Point Here we find Rowlf singing Coleman and Fields’ “It’s Not Where You Start, It’s Where You Finish.” He sings at a comfortable rate and all is well. Scooter then tells him he … Continue reading

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Depth in Progress: of Wine Snobs, Audiophiles, and Agilistas

“Wine is to enjoy, not to judge.” ~ Hwi Woong Jeong (웅가) Wine Enthusiast The gentleman next to me took out his laptop and began typing, he had a large pile of wine labels and a notebook filled with wine … Continue reading

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Mozart’s Record Store: Personal Kanban Anti-Pattern 2: Only One Value Stream

  I will not be accused of burying the lead here and say right up front: Your Value Stream Is Wrong And it always will be. This is a good thing, as we work from day to day the steps … Continue reading

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Time To Completion

Parkinson’s law is: “Work expands to as to fill the time available for its completion.” And people misconstrue it all the time. Logic plays funny tricks on our brains sometime. People somehow believe that Parkinson’s Law warns us that work … Continue reading

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The Diffusion of Responsibility

When I was an urban planning student at Michigan State University, I was part of a team involved in a large group project. We were writing a downtown redevelopment plan for Albion, a small city in southern Michigan which, like … Continue reading

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