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Killing Email Interruptions: Personal Kanban using LeanKit, Gmail, and Zapier

Quick intro from Jim Benson: We’ve asked Chris Hefley from Leankit to write a series of posts showing how to integrate tools many of us use everyday with our Personal Kanban. These are fairly technical posts, but also very powerful … Continue reading

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Clean Up The DONE Column

You have my word that after this post, there will be no more memegenerator pictures.. How do you know when to clean up your DONE column? When it is full. I mentioned in our first post in this series that … Continue reading

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Dominant and Secondary Projects

At Modus we now have a posted, dominant project at all times. We post it as a large sticky on the wall. This is the banner saying “If you pull something and have any choice whatsoever, pull it from this … Continue reading

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Clean Up Your Backlog

Does your READY column look like a junk drawer?   Do you have tasks in there that you are holding onto from six months ago that say “Urgent!” (and have since the day they were created)? Guess what? You’re learning … Continue reading

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Categorizing Your Backlog

Your backlog is hope. Your backlog is pain.   Your backlog holds all the projects, tasks, demands, desires, and expectations you have and the world has for you. The problem is, today’s apparent emergencies are tomorrow’s waste-of-my-time. If we are … Continue reading

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Are You Just Doing Things?

I’ll bet you have a lot of things to do.  Of course you do. We all do. A Personal Kanban anti-pattern that I’m seeing is that people are filling their kanbans with things to do and then…doing them. They are … Continue reading

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Doing GTD Kanban Style #1

This is the first post in a three-part guest series, Doing GTD Kanban Style by Pascal Venier. You can read the second post in the series here. When Jim Benson encouraged me a while back to write something about how … Continue reading

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The Pen: The Handoff Column

In our work, we have tasks we need to do, tasks we are doing, and tasks we’ve completed. We know we have a WIP limit and that we shouldn’t exceed it. But tasks aren’t always as tidy as we’d like. … Continue reading

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How To: Mapping Your Value Stream

When we build our kanban – whether for ourselves or for a team – we first need to build a value stream. A value stream is simply a list of the steps you take to create value. When we build … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Kanban (Video)

In November, 2010, Jim Benson spoke at the Oredev conference in Malmo, Sweden on Energizing the Individual Coder and the Psychology of Kanban. Clarity Means Completion: The Psychology of Kanban – Jim Benson from Øredev on Vimeo. .

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